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Marrow Will Affect You to the Core


Length: 16 pages

Author: Sabne Raznik

Publisher: Self-published by the author

Publication Date: 9/11/13

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


I would like to preface by saying this is not the type of book I would usually consider reviewing but boy I’m glad I did. Marrow is a self-published book by poet, writer and artist Sabne Raznik. The book is dedicated to a specific young man that did not survive his cancer. It is also dedicated to all children with cancer, those who survived, those who did not. The proceeds of the book go to St. Jude’s Hospital to fund research for cures of childhood cancer. One can tell right away this book is personal to Raznik.


The 3 stories in Marrow are written in poetic verse. This brings quite a challenge to the author to tell a story with limited words but Raznik is an artist. The first story “Mrs. Albuninah” is the longest of the poems. It puts two women from different cultures in one hospital hallway sharing the same human emotions. Communication between the two is not easy but Raznik reminds us that worry and sadness are universal. As I continued to read, I could almost smell the disinfectant of the hospital. The picture is so beautifully drawn through words; I was carried away as if I were looking down the hospital hallway watching this unfold. Did I mention Raznik was an artist? Good writing stirs emotion and emotion is concentrated in these 15 pages.


I feel compelled to point something out. Because of the cause in which this book was written, I was reluctant to read the poems. This book bounced around in my book bag for 2 weeks before I was brave enough to read it. I was afraid of being the guy that gives 1 star to the “cancer book”. Across the room in my office is a mirror. I was lucky enough to catch my expression when I finished “Marrow”. It reminds me what I tell my dogs, “Close your mouth or you’ll attract flies!” The best things come in small packages.

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